martedì 22 gennaio 2013

Fluo... the Fashion, now

If you give a look at Pinterest, Fancy and even Facebook pages you will find that the latest fashion trend is also fluo colours, often alone – extremely à la mode – but most of the times matched with (total) white as you can see in most of Scandinavian design/fashion/arts & crafts/crochet blogs – and their relative Pinterest pages -.
Cuppa Cosy Fluo Orange
Cuppa Cosy Fluo Orange
So FloOfymOofy wants you to grasp the brandest new design ideas transformed in crocheted items… and you will find two brand new cuppa cosies, the one in fluo orange, perfect for an Earl Grey tea on a rainy afternoon, bringing in your home the shining light of oranges from Sicily or the sunset sky in Tuscany…
St Valentine's Cuppa Cosy Pink Fluo
St Valentine’s Cuppa Cosy Pink Fluo
…and the one thought for St. Valentine’s, with a crocheted pink heart too.
Both cosies are of course completely handmade, crocheted. This time yarn is not pure wool, even though this guarantees it will even last longer.
For the pink cosy crocheted heart pure Egyptian cotton has been used.
crochet and cat
Of course you can ask the colour you prefer, the design you prefer, the size you may like for your own cuppa.
Feel free to contact us at to tell your idea and it will be realized!

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