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Vår - FloOfymOofy spring tote bag

FloOfymOofy Vår Tote Bag
FloOfymOofy Vår Tote Bag
Vår in Swedish means “spring”, and even though yesterday here it was still snowing, at FloOfymOofy we are already thinking of spring and summer and sunny days to enjoy outside in the garden and on the sea shore.
We have just created this very simple tote bag, in pure 100% cotton, decorated with a handmade crocheted heart in pure Egyptian Makò cotton 100% in a very fashion color.
This tote bag opens a brand new collection by FloOfymOofy called Shabby Chic that will soon be online and available in most shops.
FloOfymOofy Vår Tote Bag
FloOfymOofy Vår Tote Bag – handle close-up
Of course you can ask to change color, shape, or even if you have your own fabric just ask and her at FloOfymOofy we will be extremely glad to have your dreams come true.
Just write to to tell your idea and it will be realized.
FloOfymOofy Vår Tote Bag
FloOfymOofy Vår Tote Bag – close-up on handmade crocheted heart
You can also have this tote bag in sky blue nuances, in case you wish to give it as a gift to a mum who’s having a baby boy! And, last but not least, remember you can have it decorated with ribbons, flowers, hearts, whatever your fantasy suggest you!
Enjoy and stay tuned, FloOfymOofy news are coming soon! ;-)

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